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Join us at Relativity Fest 2018

Visit the iControl ENVIZE Kiosk

Witness for yourself how we’re battling the Dark Jargon of the eDiscovery Empire to Save YOU Time and Money through the power of SIMPLICITY!

A limited number of private demos will be available at the event. We recommend scheduling your demo prior to attending the event to secure your spot.

*Jeff Johnson, President and CTO as well as Jay Hudec, Product Manager for ENVIZE will be available at all personal demos to answer technical questions specific to your needs, while also showing you how our simple, yet powerful, eDiscovery AI can help put you light-years ahead of your opposition!


“Take that, TAR linguistics! Feels like I don’t need to know a different language and can actually focus my time and money on the job at hand!"
“Are you kidding me?!?!? You mean I don’t need a Protocol Droid to understand eDiscovery reports anymore? THIS IS SO SIMPLE!"
“Look out, Imperial Jargon. There’s a new force in the universe, and this one handles eDiscovery with the power of simplicity!”
“FINALLY!!!! eDiscovery that doesn’t need a Protocol Droid! The force is on our side now!”